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"Single Parent of 18 year daughter, suffered with domestic violence, financial crisis, got fired from job. but this fearless woman is now an Entrepreneur, Change Mentor, International Author and Speaker"

I brought my daughter up without financial support from her father or government, and at times I went through some undoubtedly difficult episodes. I broke through domestic violence and I have moved to a new country twice, during the financial crisis I was without income for 14 months, I have been ‘fired’ twice; for no good reason I might add; who does that to a single parent?

I have great empathy for the challenges a single parent faces, yet I believe this strengthens us to be formidable. Life will always be a series of ups and downs, and learning to navigate them with ease is what sets leaders aside.

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm” - Sir Winston Churchill

I guess change and surviving the unexpected has allowed me to acquire the skills to navigate the harshest of events. Every event has a life lesson and I’ve learnt to look for the blessings in every crisis.

Up until recently I had the pleasure to travel to the office with my daughter, although she is now 18, we were both classed as Keyworkers.

However, Covid19 lockdown saw me has seen me lose my main income source. Again the financial uncertainty is unpleasant, however I look for the blessing in the situation. I now spend exercising time with my daughter. She has stepped up and although on low income she is buying all our food which makes me so proud. I have the time to remodel my business, work on my website, and as always, I am keen to inspire others and my daughter. I have set up a ‘JustGiving’ charity page and now make more time with my local neighbours.

By holding my head up and showing my daughter the best survival techniques I am blessed to be responsible for a young lady who shows kindness to others less fortunate, a girl who shows determination and dedication in both her work and hobbies.

It was the most enchanting thing to hear my daughter tell me, that during, what was a difficult 14 months of no income. A time where I used to shop for the $1 bread; and rustle up a meal out of leftovers, she said; was for her was the best time of her life as she got a ‘real’ Mum, collecting her from school, cooking with her and spending time with her.

So yes this period of Covid19 is the best time of my life as I get quality time with my daughter once more, and together we appreciate the small things like cooking, baking, the garden, doing jigsaws together.


CEO - LHT Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

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