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How to enjoy forced break with children at home due to corona virus?

With schools closed, vacation classes of all kinds cancelled, cinemas shut down, entertainment programmes called off, parents working from home with children, the residents across globe are gearing up for a long summer to battle and contain the spread of the Coronavirus.

Wondering now that you are at home in agile state struggling all the time adapting with kids, their tantrums and their constant binging on television the whole day through. We can either kick and scream like toddlers and waste our energy, or channelise energy into building connections. It’s a wonderful way to adapt in life, an opportunity to spend time on yourself, connect with your family, bond with your children.

We couldn’t have been living in better times in history of materialistic abundance but in life things are always happening that breed uncertainty, panic, pain and fear. Its the irrefutable nature of life and we can never be certain about future as change is inevitable but with Coronavirus slamming us with unpredictability and we cant adapt hence we feel insecure. Even before this we were not sure whether we would survive another day so it’s a wake up call time to realise uncertainty is always a part of life so calm down and not join the mass hysteria. 

A 14-day or longer period of isolation is no joke for parents who already know the challenge of keeping kids engaged. And in this case, it may not be advisable for them to spend time with other children. Start with making a time table with your child, where you set time for play, learn, and free time. I have come up with FIVE suggestions for having fun and continuing learning as a family.


Its a good opportunity to work on your family relations. Board games are an ideal pastime for the entire family. Since family outings would have to be curtailed, get that carrom board or chess board out and teach your children to conquer the board. Play games, Antaakshari and plug into the new songs that your children listen to. Get them gardening and let them enjoy the pleasure of watching a plant grow. Get cooking with the children. Right from making lemonade and fruit juice there is a range of simple recipes to get them into the kitchen.


Keeping physically active is critical to boosting mood: Frustration and boredom can come when kids are not getting the opportunities to be physically active, go outdoors and play. Its important to engage them in Creative exercise ideas, like setting up an obstacle course at home that could occupy both parents and kids. Engage in micro-exercises, such as jumping jacks, yoga running up stairs etc.


Families should consider things they can do together – like planning for a movie night, taking on a large project such as building something together, or even rearranging the furniture, cleaning up child’s toy room.


Has the coronavirus scare meant cancelling plans with elderly or distant relatives? Texting and phone calls don’t necessarily make up for missing time together. But what if you create a new tradition? Bedtime is story time for little ones, and a great time to use a video chat app such as Skye, WhatsApp to connect and let Grandma and Grandpa take over the role of storyteller. They can choose favorite storybooks to read aloud and share them with some stories from their own childhoods.


Usually children are forced to go to the activity classes their parents choose for them. Seldom do they have a say in what they would like to follow. Now, parents can sit with the child to help him choose a project and build something together. Moreover, there are so many options available on the internet. They can learn the piano or the guitar, learn art or craft.

Your home is not your office.It’s really easy for work to overtake your life when you’re tethered to your laptop on your sofa. Suddenly, your home, your sanctuary, has become your base of work operations and there’s no escape! It’s not healthy. Set aside designated places to work, or better yet, make certain areas off limits, such as your bed. (I am currently writing this from my bed and hating myself all the while.) Some areas need to function solely as a refuge from the crazy outside world.

Take this moment in time as an invitiation to elevate with what is the basic nature of life. Calm down, remember to wash hands, stay away from gatherings, maintain your hygience and prefer using water instead of toilet paper to leave resources for elderly.

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