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How to home-school preschooler during lockdown?

Sure, you sang rhymes to your child, read stories to them while they were infants and you were probably pretty thrilled to hand off the responsibility of educating your toddler to someone with more experience. But due to the current lockdown, in all likelihood, the little mean voice in your head is rearing now that you are being called to oversee your kids’ education from home?

2. Create interest in your child for home-schooling

Its natural for the child to be missing their school, friends, teachers and most importantly opportunity to step out of home for park time and other fun and leisure activities. Before you start the E-Learning program, talk and explain to your child that now you would be looking at your teacher though an electronic gadget and this is how we would be learning for a while, as it isn’t safe to visit physical school for sometime. But do reassure them that it is TEMPORARY, that it would be OVER SOON.

3. Create Your Home-schooling Space

Do you have a separate child’s reading room at home? If not, Will you be conducting classes at the kitchen table? Do you need a blackboard or a desk? How about empty wall space to post schedules, calendars, and completed work? Is there a computer/Laptop nearby that's connected to the Internet? Get organized by setting up a comfortable space for holding stationery, loose sheets and other material required for teaching them.

4. Create the schedule

Routine is such an important part of any day, so involve your kids in setting the daily schedule for getting everything done. This way, no one will be surprised by the rules and structure. They can have their slow morning, but they have to report to the reading room/dining room by 10 am ready to work. Post the school ‘E-Learning schedule on the refrigerator, so nothing is a surprise.

5. Set Specific Homeschooling Goals

Since homeschoolers proceed at their own pace, it's important, especially in the initial few days, to consider what you want to accomplish. Academics are important when you set short- and long-term goals, but they are not the only component of a child's education. For example, how will your child get physical activity? (if it is not a part of the Homeschool curriculum).Engage them with some activities at home that also teaches them life skills. Eg: cooking, baking, cleaning their room etc.

Finally, know that you'll need to learn as you go. Adjusting to the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling is a challenge. There are so many ways to approach your task. Remember that you'll be defining — and constantly redefining — yourself as you go. In the end you will be surprised to know how Homeschooling brings families closer together. Kids thrive under parental attention, and parents get to really know their kids.

Happy homeschooling, be safe, stay at home and keep washing your hands.

Jasmin Kumar

Educationist | Parenting Coach | Author

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