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If you were to ask me to describe my greatest success, I would respond in a single word: 'JOSH'

I am often overwhelmed with joy and pride as I see my son, Josh growing into a responsible and respectable young man. During this time of social isolation and foreign routines, I am committed to holding our home as a sacred space as our family navigates through the pandemic.

I started cyber-schooling Josh last year for several reasons—one being to promote consistency and comfort as we support my husband through a health trauma. Josh’s familiarity with cyber schooling has definitely eased the transition to social distancing. To help Josh thrive in an online school, I created a specific spot for him to complete his schoolwork. Designating his “school space” helps him focus on his studies during the day. On days he’s not meeting with teachers in the morning, I allow him to wake up naturally, rather than setting an alarm. Letting him rise when he is ready helps him to awake refreshed.

When Josh is not in school, we make time for fun!

I let him choose the activities we’ll enjoy together. Electing to make Tiktok videos, dance like no one is watching, or play board games gives him some semblance of control and provides practice in making decisions with confidence. Of course, he will always choose videogames as our family time activity. No matter the activity he chooses for the day, we take advantage of the weather and head outside whenever possible. Few things energize us like a healing dose of sunshine, and when the day is done, he listens to one of his favorite stories on Audible to help him fall asleep.

In addition to Josh’s physical and mental well-being, his social life needs cultivating too. Regularly, I encourage him to play video games with his friends online and to join me on Zoom calls with family. He just attended his first teenage party and did so online!

While I diligently protect Josh from the constant barrage of negative news, I do, selectively, explain what’s happening with COVID-19. I want him to understand WHY we’ve adjusted our lives so drastically, and I want him to realize that we are not only protecting ourselves, but temporarily sacrificing some of our freedoms for the good of others.

More than anything, I rely on my faith to parent Josh during these trying times. Tapping into God’s immeasurable power and peace grounds us both. Praying and reading the Bible frees us of constant stress and anxiety and reminds us that we are in capable hands no matter our circumstances.

I love being Josh’s mom. He is my priority regardless of what is happening in our sometimes scary world. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, I am committed to nurturing him physically, mentally, and spiritually as best as I can.

I understand now more than ever in order to be as present for Josh as I can and to parent in a way that supports his growth, I must also prioritize my self-care. I have made it a habit to practice my routine of prayer, meditation, and journaling daily. I also allow Josh sometimes to witness my rollercoaster of emotions so that he understands experiencing emotional ups and downs is also self-care.

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Sophia Casey

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