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Lockdown has given a new meaning to life!

The initial reaction after hearing 'jantacurfew' followed by lockdown was mixed.

There was unknown fear , too much of information and an uncertainty all around. Spouse at home , children at home, new norms of cleanliness. Too much chaos . The screen time increased, there were disagreements and children were making the most of it . It wasn't an off for me. I have always worked from home. And the definition completely changed. 

Now I knew we had to innovate and I had to take that first step to make sure our home was in order. We had to make new rules to live in Sanity . And had to make our in house team stronger. So, a week later I decided to take charge of myself , my home , my life. 

And that's what I did ! 

1.Dialogue with the Spouse

We are two different human beings, raised differently so obviously our ways of bringing up kids is different too. And because kids never see their dad home for so long, they were overwhelmed. And my husband never saw so much mess at home all day, he used to be angry. So we sat and shared what bothered each other and how we could together sort this out. We agreed to follow some rules. And the first one was to take it easy and did things as per our priority list . And our number 1 priority are kids and their food . 

2. Routine 

I set a routine for kids, Holiday or no holiday. Our meal time got back to normal starting from Breakfast to snack, lunch, snack and Dinner. Also, we made sure to cook something interesting every second day and we let the boys experiment once a while . Also , both me and my husband try and cook one meal which really excites the kids . We usually keep dinner continental. 

3. Activities

Both my boys love coloring, playing with super heroes, kitchen set, role play, puzzles, art and craft . I made sure to give them these activities and allot them a space, where they can make a mess. 


We let them color on glass doors.  

Since they love kitchen . I introduced them to baking every second day which meant I started learning new recipes. 

While my morning meant work. I  scheduled their activities. Post lunch, it's mom and kids cooking activity or any life skill activity.  Evening snacks and after their play time, It's the pact in the house that the mess would be cleaned before dinner time. And at times when kids got lil stubborn , we gave them the time to clean up next day.  

Now it becomes double the task , when you don't involve children with you.  So every second day, we give every individual a room and a space to clean. We have also innovated games , stories , role play with them . We sing , dance and make sure to have a Dj night twice a week.   

4. Work Space 

At home it's important to designate a space which you call your work station and announce that you are working and request for some privacy. Days when they refused to , I included them at my work , in my sessions. Today , the world has become more compassionate. Also , there are days when the entire team decides to work late night since everyone is juggling. There is no performance pressure. 

5. Exercise regime with kids 

For few days my online sessions meant screen time for them with their father and that's when he realised he had to do something about it. Kids knew he wouldn't say NO, but he started his exercise regime at home . Again , if not screen time, we agreed on music. So exercise plus music made good combo. Offcourse they do default . But we gave them that leverage . Plus they got some dad son time together. 

 6. Seek Support and share responsibility

I have been open to seeking support from my spouse, from my help and from my kids  . 

Also we involve them in every home task. Whether it's watering the plants or cleaning the windows. We request them to help us and they do it.  


Before we sleep , together as a family we pray, we meditate, we close our eyes . That's something we have been doing ever since the kids were 6 months old . We have our circle time . We share. We thank the Masters and the universe and we call it a night.  

Yes , there are days we go absolutely crazy . There are days when we just spoil them and then take it easy . There are days we do nothing . There are days we also get angry , shout . But what we make sure to do is , sit down and make the other understand. 

Lockdown is a boon in many ways . The pillow Conversations have gone deep and relationships have a different meaning . The perspective to see things have changed . The definition of celebration has changed . The definition of work from home has changed . Life has a new meaning now and which is to live in Now and in togetherness. Which is to live with all honesty, commitment and persistent. Which is to live with more empathy. 

Heena Sodhi Khera

Founder, Queens Brigade

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