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Lockdown made us revisit the BASICS!

Making the parenting journey a success is a constant for all of us moms. But this Pandemic gave us time to revisit the basics.

Well only figuratively speaking it gave us time, I had probably not done so much house work ever and a very verbal single 5 year old child is a commitment for the whole day. Some initial weeks she wouldn’t play on her own at all and between my husband and me, we would spend time with her. She will probably remember this as the best time in her life! Well, it wasn’t she watched TV all day but of course had more screen time than usual. We did have a bit of routine when it came to sitting down and doing work before E classes from school started.

My husband spent equal if not more time with her while I was busy washing the vegetables and groceries and designing and executing online programs for Children. We started a YouTube channel, The Story Band by Divya bawa, for children which my daughter loves and listens to and can listen for a few years to come till she outgrows the stories.

The part timers being away, a lot of the work around the house fell on us which also we as a couple divided. And the amazing thing was, my 5 year old learnt to help us from laying the table (when she was in the mood to) and cleaning her room on occasions which was a big step in the right direction. My child along with my husband did a lot of gardening which was a new found interest for him because of the gardener not being there and we couldn’t let our plants die! My daughter loved loosening the soil, pulling out the weeds, watering with a hose, sometimes wetting her clothes on purpose, plucking celery, chillies, mint and coriander and making her own Nature soup.

I set up lot of Process art activities for my child who loves sensorial experiences and for the first time my little girl made so many things .She designed herself out of straws and a drumstick, made a device with a scale and a whistle which was amazing. She said if you gave a wrong answer of what comes before 3 , then mummy or papa should whistle and not get upset why the child doesn’t get it. Hmm.. I mentally made a note of that! Sometimes we Educators also need to revisit the basics!!

We always knew she loved to create but this break gave her some uninterrupted time to make many more projects. She started eating and trying out way more food items looking at both of us.

This Pandemic made me look at my baby girl and see what she really wanted. We gave her loads of clay, nature play and water and bubbles and cuddles and loads of kisses. I regularly post activities on my instagram handle for other mothers to take a cue, sharing my two decades of learning of as an educator, author and a storyteller . Lets pray, we all look back at this time in the same way and don’t forget the lessons we have learnt and raise mindful children caring for the planet. Amen



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