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My daughter Is My Reflection - There will always be bright lights shining. My bright light for the last eighteen years has been my sweet daughter. Every day I wake up and journey in my purpose understanding that she is my legacy. She is the future!

My sweet daughter, I salute you for your strength as you dry your tears and yell one last time, reflecting upon what you believed senior year would look like in comparison to the reality it has become. I know you could never have imagined that your senior year would end this way; no more time to laugh and joke in the halls with your friends, the worry of whether you will get to wear the beautiful dress to prom you have hanging in the closet, as well as the disappointment of not knowing if you will get to walk across the stage at graduation for your final walk. Just know I am truly proud of you and I celebrate and honor you today.

This is only one milestone, there are no limits to what you will accomplish.

I have watched you blossom into an amazing young woman of God, ready to take on the next phase of your journey. As you prepare for the unexpected and embrace the expected, may you forever keep the love, spirit, prayer and praise for God, as you discover the purpose He has for your life. Always keep God first and remain steadfast in your faith knowing that with God all things are possible.

Baby girl, when you ARISE from “this” you will be stronger, wiser, and more ready than you have ever been to journey forward as the amazing, powerful, and unstoppable young woman God has destined you to be.

Baby girl, mommy will forever be there to guide, support and love you.





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