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The Silent Warriors of Corona Virus

Every day, the selfless warriors are giving it their all. Health-care professionals cutting themselves off from their families and loved ones and sacrificing for the safety and welfare of humanity is priceless and deserves lifelong gratitude on our end.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, have not only experienced the gratification of healing patients and saving their lives but have also lost many battles along the way. On top of that, many doctors have even sacrificed their own lives in the line of duty.

Amidst these crisis, there are other silent warriors whose heroic efforts are courageous and inspiring. KRANTII and CII-IWN Delhi has been two such groups, whose timely support to the needy while we grapple with the realities of the global pandemic are worth sharing.

KRANTII- An online Thinktank on Whatsapp, to source ideas for national level policy and institutional refinements, an initiative by Wg. Cdr. Satyam Kushwaha. With the current member base of more than 500 people from diverse backgroundfrom students to scientist etc; young and senior defence officers and veterans; eminent MPs; a former Governor; Chancellors/Vice chancellors; IT professionals; social reformers; etc. focussed to utilise their skills to consolidate and converge all aspects of voluntary nation building.

Since last one year, they have supported and helped more than 300 people and families suffering due to COVID-19, by timely helping them get beds in hospital, oxygen cylinders, plasma donation, medicines etc. Their untiring efforts have helped saved many lives and there have been immense heroic examples by KRANTII Volunteers, from managing to get beds to the COVID Positive pregnant lady, to placing volunteers outside the hospitals to give real time update about availability of beds (despite their own family members suffering), participation by the college students who despite their volunteered to extend support.

Such shining examples not only inspire us but also educate us on how the smallest of efforts can have a ripple effect; a simple gesture can help you save a life. While the country is battling to overcome the pandemic with healthcare infrastructure being shattered, humans like them are like rays of hope amidst all the darkness.

CII - IWN Delhi– An organisation offering the largest and widest outreach, enabling women’s networking and connections, and empowering women’s entrepreneurship and leadership in all walks of life. With the current President Bhavna Vedhara and Vice President Zia Sawhney, whose firm belief in ‘Women for Women spirit” has helped curate conversations, connections, community and collaborations, in a spirit that elevates receptivity, curiosity, openness, inspiration and innovation.

In the deserted roads, closed shutters, where the silence in the neighbourhoods was broken only through a dog’s barking or through a distant horn of a racing bike, there was a house in Rohini, where the father has passed away due to COVID, mother who was in ICU, their children below 3 years were stranded at home unattended with the ailing grandmother and no neighbours supporting. That’s when CII –IWN Delhi chapter team came forward with the do-gooders in the group and utilised every resource available to them in order to reach out to the needy, from arranging to get the food delivered to them and assigning a cop to check on the family twice a day.

There are many more such examples all around us and they are testimony to the fact that how, if we join hands, we can weather the storm and come out of this crisis stronger. Together, we can spread smiles in a world plagued with uncertainty and fear, for a brighter future ahead.

Jasmin Kumar

Educationist | Author | Parent Coach

National President – Elementary Education

WICCI (Women’s India Chamber for Commerce and Industry)

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