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Values Redefined!..

Is this for real?

Is it really happening?

No, I am not initiating a conversation on ‘Lockdown or the ‘Virus’, I am expressing my surprise with the change I am witnessing in my children.

Being a mother of a 19 year old and a 16 year old has its own personal stage of turmoil and randomness. But what I see is a remarkable change in the way my son provides assisstance in domestic chores, even trying his hand at cooking.

The other day, he, being conscious of the fact that I have a severe spasm in my right hand, washed all the utensils without telling me to free me from the dilemma.

What should I call this? His graph to respond to my needs without me prompting him has really become sharp. I think this period is where I am getting to spend so much time with my children which I cannot normally since we all are so busy with our own crafts. This time is teaching us to understand each other without talking, observing each other without speaking and loving each other with reason!

How we process situations in life is very subjective. Where we are today is going to bring a metamorphosis of behavior in the future.The walls of my house are the same but they give a stronger feeling of home as we are using the dining table to its best use, which we are scarcely unable to do. This dinner table is where we are spend time bonding over lunch and dinner time conversations.Their daddy must have not cheated so much in the card games they play compared to previous instances.

My daughter, the notorious little brat having a strong mind of her own, shares beauty tips with me. Suddenly, her mom has emerged as her beauty confidant!

I know the lockdown is to contain the virus but for me it has a different connotation! For me its a lockdown of love, its a lockdown of respect, its a lockdown of understanding and selflessness but more importantly its a lockdown of values! All locked down together at HOME!

Vayjayanti Saharia Pugalia

Owner at The Table Tailor

Times Power Woman 2019

Wine Specialist

Trainer-Corporate Etiquette/Global Ambassador/Fine Dining

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